How do I uninstall a toolbar in Internet Explorer?

To uninstall a toolbar in Internet Explorer, complete the following steps:
  1. In your browser, click on the settings (gear) icon, and select “Manage add-ons.
  1. From here, select “Extensions.” You will see a list of toolbars currently installed. Select the toolbar you wish to remove.
  1. Click “Disable” and then “Close.”

  1. To ensure a complete uninstallation of the unwanted toolbar, navigate to your computer’s Control Panel.

  1. Go to “Programs”, then “Uninstall a program.”
  1. Select the toolbar from the list and click “Remove”.
  1. A browser and/or computer restart may be required to complete the uninstallation.
Note: If the toolbar is a type of malware or adware, we recommend you complete the following:
  1. Download AdwCleaner here
  2. Run the file to open the tool. 
  3. Click on “Scan” and save the text document that will appear after the search. 
  4. Close all open applications and click on “Clean”. 
  5. AdwCleaner will request you to reboot your computer.
Additional options: Download Toolbar Cleaner or any of our other toolbar uninstallers