How do I find my phone’s operating system (OS)?

Before downloading an application for your smart phone or other mobile device, you will want to find out what operating system (OS) it’s running on. This will help ensure compatibility between the app and your device.
Your device’s OS is continuously being updated, so it is important that you find the current version that’s installed. There are several ways you can locate this.
You can find the most current OS available for your phone by checking the manufacturer’s website. Most sites have a tool to help you find your settings. Keep in mind that if your phone is not set to automatically install software updates it may not be running the most current version.
Another website we recommend is
GSM Arena. Here you will find updated OS information for a large variety of devices.
The easiest and most accurate way for you to find your OS is by looking at the settings on the device itself. Below are general instructions for several brands of devices. For more detailed instructions about your specific device, locate the User Guide that came with the purchase of your device.
1.   Tap on the “Menu” button.
2.   Go to “Settings”.  
3.   Tap “About Phone” or “About Device” (varies, depending on device).
4.   Tap “Android Version” to display version information.
1.   From the Home Screen, tap on “Settings”.
2.   Go to “General” and select “About”.
Windows Phone
1.   Go the app list
2.   Tap on “Settings
3.   Select “About” and “More info”.
1.   Open the phone application.
2.   To open the system menu, dial the following code: *#0000#.
3.   Look for “Version” at the top of the screen.
1.   Go to “Options” (this may be within a settings folder, depending on device)
2.   Select “About” or “Device”.
3.   Tap on “About Device Versions”. 
Once you’ve located your device’s OS version, it will be easy to determine which applications are compatible with it.
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