Softonic Turbo Booster - How to free up internal memory and storage space on your Android device

Turbo Booster helps you optimize and speed up your Android phones and tablets by clearing the memory (RAM), deleting the junk files, removing non-essential cache files, and uninstalling the apps that you do not use. Using Turbo Booster regularly will make your apps and games run faster, and also help you save battery and free up memory space.

In this guide, we will show you how to clean, optimize and speed up your Android in three easy steps.

How to free up RAM memory on your Android

Turbo Booster freezes and shuts down all the unnecessary background processes on your device. Killing these unnecessary tasks will free up precious memory and allow your active apps to function quicker and smoother.

To start the memory clean-up, go to the Memory tab, and click on the circle button on your screen. In minutes, Turbo Booster will analyze your system and free up memory on your phone.

How to free up disk space of your Android

Turbo Booster explores your device and cleans up junk files as well as non-essential cache files, freeing up more space on your device.

To activate this process, click on the Cache tab, and click on the circle button on your screen. Turbo Booster will immediately scan your system for junk files and proceed with the clean-up.

How to remove the apps from your Android

Turbo booster screens your device to create a list of apps that you’ve installed. From this list, you can sort the apps by size, last use or install date, and easily uninstall the apps that you no longer need – saving you the hassle of doing it one at a time.

To see your list of apps, go to the Apps tab:

You can organize the list in three ways:

Last date of use: Organizes your apps according to the last time you used them, from the least recent to the most recent. This will help you decide which apps you don’t really need and can uninstall to free up space

Installation date: This list sorts your apps according to when you installed them, starting from the oldest apps. This could help you find the forgotten apps you installed a long time ago.

File size: When you want to free up a big amount of space, it helps when you can identify which apps has the biggest footprint, so that you can decide if you use the app enough to warrant the space it uses.

To uninstall apps, check the corresponding boxes and click the Uninstall button in the right side of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:


Will it help me accelerate my games?

Turbo Booster acts as a speed booster for your games by closing unnecessary processes and cleaning the cache files so that your device can focus maximum resources on your games.

Will it help me save my battery?

Turbo Booster helps you save battery by maintaining the minimum number of processes running on your Android. You can set it to analyze your system as frequently as every 3 hours to ensure that power is not wasted to run processes that you do not need.

Why does Turbo Booster want to know my location?

From time to time, Turbo Booster activates your GPS in order to find software recommendations more efficiently. Turbo Booster is 100% compliant to Google’s privacy and security requirements.
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